Friday, February 24, 2023

Journal Fragment from June 2020

Sometimes you are a given a brother or sister in whom the whole complex puzzle of the world appears, and with whom - in whom and through whom, in what A Course in Miracles calls a Holy Relationship - you are able to solve that puzzle, become coherent, and at last be free of ego and world and all their attendant suffering.

In this way - in this relationship - the world disappears. God disappears and Jesus disappears. Even A Course in Miracles disappears. What remains is Reality. What remains is Love.

It is not easy. It is a practice that unfolds in time and space. The potential for error is vast.

And yet.

Ascended masters know better than to approach me, and I left supernatural gifts and abilities a couple dozen altars ago, but this I have been given, to this I am given and to this do I give myself, shamelessly and without reservation: relationship with the one in whom Christ appears, over and over burning away what is not Love, in the fires of sex and dialogue, prayer and commensality, in public and in secret, leaving only the pure light of being, this heart. 

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