Monday, November 7, 2022

Nameless Even Now

Sometimes I try too hard. Like the time I listened to Handel for six months and nothing else. What was the point? Nobody cared and it's not like U2 hadn't just released The Joshua Tree. In the end I crawled back, hungry for the familiar on whatever terms it offered. Mostly she didn't get it but she did ask once "for what is the forest is a substitute?" We both thought the answer was my mother but it was actually noticing what clarifies when your church is trees. Suite in D Minor, HWV 437 is a lifetime in certain darknesses. Lifeline? You can stumble a long time before you realize the problem is insisting on signs at all. Ramana Maharshi had it easy! I used to say scatter my ashes on Ascutney but now I say mix me with a bright tempura, paint some rocks and leave 'em here and there in the woods. It's not the notes nor even how they've been arranged but what passes between them nameless. Even now. Even now.

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