Thursday, August 25, 2022

Arguments and Prayers

Burnt grass. I will never deny you.

No more suffering, no more confusion. In dreams, all fear magnifies.

The groove we are, the rhythm. Lord let me see snow fall one more time.

Mourning cardinals before they are gone. Sheets on the clothesline riffled by wind. 

Why is it so hard to meet for coffee? The hemlocks appear at dawn, brush off all my arguments and prayers.

Remind me again where and how Elijah heard the voice of God. This desert is not forever. 

Thanks Ron Atkinson! He asks if I am ready to apologize, this man who did more than anyone - including me - to end the marriage.

Trout not taking the bait, may I never forget to be grateful. Sunlight on the lake, this gift given to the ancestors who are as tired of haunting me as I am of being haunted.

Making peace with what refuses to make peace with us. Before Jesus, John's head on a platter.

How quiet one becomes before Georgia O'Keeffe's work, how still. Great-grandfather it's okay, you can put her shoes down, I will help you let them go, I was made this way to help you let them go.

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