Sunday, June 26, 2022

Masquerading as Stars

Tom Petty's Even the Losers, how did he know and also how did I forget.

Crushed turtles on the highway, this is not the way it ends but Jesus why did it have to be this way at all. 

War is a form of confusion only love will clarify, I'm sorry your fear of women prohibits you from seeing this.

When you were real.

Wanting reasons to be angry and finding them, big surprise.

It turns out I'm not a whore, who knew.

The neighbor says "those violets are out of control" which baffles me, what does he think life is? 

Finally saying no to her, letting it be my final answer, finally ready to pay whatever price it is you pay when you won't change just to save a place in a family that never wanted you anyway.  

Piano notes masquerading as stars and then not masquerading, om shanti om oh you know what I mean.

Women who murmur my name when they come.

In law school before exams we used to play catch by the library, it was a kind of happy I never knew again.

Okay so how does it end then, right?

Of what are you ready to let go that you swore you never would be able to let go?

I think of her while getting ready for a dump run, how happy the take-it-or-leave-it shed would make her, how she'd talk to the old men running the place, effortlessly reminding them they were young once and strong.

Iola Morton where are you now I need you really.

Counterpoint: the cosmos are brutally fair.

A knack for knowing who to talk to and who not.

In the distance an egret, still between still reeds, is this why I am here.

Chrisoula taught me how to not go shopping and thus what a gift is.

No more death, especially the one I believe is aimed at me.

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