Monday, May 9, 2022

Love Breaking with Scripture

What if it’s all artificial. How we use the word “probable.” If my heart were capable of melting then I’d never be alone. Adapt!
Be virtuous? We trade text messages throughout the day, what the kids are doing, what the weather’s doing, what we’re doing. A dream of offering myself in some new way, not religious exactly but close. Parking lot suicides.
"Voices carry." Patty melts, what the fuck is wrong with my life I’m only just now making them? Men who shoot deer, men who no longer shoot deer, the price we pay for ambiguity. Whispering making love.
Breaking with scripture. Only Hendrix truly knew how to cover – because he knew how to translate – because he recognized the art - Dylan. Trying to be more open-minded, mostly failing, but still. And now I begin to make peace with the rats.
Men who saw the problem and named it and then stopped because they thought that was enough. Loose baling twine lost in loose hay. Apple blossoms, may I never forget to be thankful. This desire to begin again, Christ busting out of this coffin of a heart.

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