Sunday, March 6, 2022

See This So You Can Say It

Finally, seven years after I first asked, I understand Heinz von Foerster's eigenforms. Why would I deny the existence of wildflowers? And: begin. 

Milder snow than expected. One drives slower driving over the Connecticut River in Sunderland. Sunlight decants: you must see this so you can say it with me.

She breathed. Sleep eludes me two nights running and I head to the chilly hayloft to write wrapped in quilts, rats running back and forth in the walls. Are you listening?

Love is learned by teaching, and only by teaching. Blankets ragged, dragged by cats. Heart as a bee's nest, soul as the nectar in the flower of the world.

Higher up where the trees didn't grow and you could see the moon rising, something in the Greek air making you feel a mystery had been solved, a big one. Men I've loved but lacked a way to say so clearly. Do we train dogs or do dogs train us?

Spider webs as symbols of relationships which are also the world. Now and then I meet one: a person who doesn't have a favorite book. Those who come alive in travels only.

In the end it's just another hard cock serving God, right? Your shyness at certain hours, your courage at certain others.

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