Sunday, February 20, 2022

A Lover like You

This is not being shared like how once upon a time I made mix tapes, okay. The long journey back to birth has begun at last. The cosmos sliding down your throat after. Through snow, stubbled corn and tracks of crows. Who needs helium when they've got a lover like you opening her legs?

Hemlock boughs lowering. Chords were not invented but discovered - this is a nontrivial argument, don't run away. Staggering drunk up piss-stained hallways, right fist aching because that one first and when it counts. We all want to grow up in a family like the family we grew up in, you think you're special? Oh how you listen when I go on this way.

What breaks, what braids itself together with spit and longing. Imagine Hansel learning it's sentences not lines that will save him, his whole life changed in a second. These trails that do not go on forever, no matter how you wish they would. A woman's voice over many miles proving once again your inside is your outside and the outside in. I don't like these feelings, what else is new.

Odd how little in the end we need to say. Splashing in shallows sure but also always climbing mountains, always jumping off the highest quarry cliffs down. Ireland, well, honestly fuck Ireland. She laughs when I tell her about hating remembering the whaling trip, says want to read today's twenty sentences to me? My heart melts, my mind soars like yesterday's bald eagle on the river, this freedom man, it's no joke.

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