Thursday, January 13, 2022

Otherwise in Moonlight

We shared a goal but brought different tools to the process? A lot of writing arises from thinking about stuff that's hard to explain or define. A man lives at the bottom of the ocean and from time to time surfaces, as when I touched a shark in 1987 or 88, and climbed Mansfield alone at night the following winter. Whatever you say is ordinary becomes otherwise in moonlight, and this too reflects (that is the verb) a law. You reach the place where your brokenness stops being a liability, and from there you begin to reconstruct our shared commitment to love. Idealized abstractions abound! Ken and I talk about dogs, how training them trains you, and how a specific kind of loneliness is often addressed thereby. Ascutney on one hand and a glade in a deep forest on another. My lovers move on, and the kitchen in which I write grows even clearer. Summon nothing but rather accept what is given and see if - amongst the inevitable bounty - there's not a couple of notes about nonviolence. Not this morning but another. Clouds trailing low across Emily Dickinson's hills. Advent passes and Christmas passes and then we are faced with a decision.

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