Monday, January 17, 2022

Falls Broken by All the Dead Dogs

Some things are hard to say but saying so is not hard. This sentence pays no taxes, takes no lien. At night the darkness does nothing you do not ask it to do, and the morning is equally obedient. What are skies to the one who has given up wings? To what are we unfaithful in the end if not our own self? I remember traveling a long way as a child without getting anywhere, and later writing poems about it but still not being happy. A lot of pussy over the years that amounted to pornographic reenactments of certain stations of the cross but no hard feelings, we've all got a stake in the Via Dolorosa. One takes care going out into the forest but less so when the moon is full. Sleeping with grifters, light from the parking lot falling on a half-empty whiskey bottle. The fact it was strucutured like a story didn't strike me as a possibility until I was lame from so many falls. Broken by all the dead dogs? Turn away from the quarry with me and trust me when I say we do not need to bring guns or other weapons where we are going. I make no deals with demons, demand no promises from angels, an arrangement they willingly reciprocate. Welcome to the site of forbidden learning! These rain clouds not yet ready to be kissed, this mountain in me you have yet to move and straddle. 

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