Monday, December 6, 2021

Into Eden Came a Lie

Something terrible is happening, you did it and you will pay for it shortly. Reading the Hardy Boys, those monuments to order, in the barn because of who would never go there. Life, she said, is basically a spelling error, to which I responded, or a library, to which she said, yes, full of books full of spelling errors, and with that began one of the most satisfying sexual relationships of my life. Dad's guns are gone but his knives remain. At night I vomit stars, sweaty and trembling in frosty grass. Always go deeper into the forest. The manger was born in Christ, not the other way around, and until you see this we're going to have to keep pretending nuclear war's a real threat. Notes comprising melodies comprising hymns which - stitched together - make a ceremony. Horses are never unwelcome. It's not exactly a good story, is it? Last of the coffee, the wind howling in the darkness between galaxies. All loneliness is perilous until we realize that what we are in truth cannot be alone. Into Eden came a lie yet in the lie was a light. Begorrah be gone child, we're all getting on. 

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