Saturday, November 6, 2021

Heart is the Hearth of the Body

Aristotle said the heart is the hearth of the body. Nobody is listening is never true because you are always listening! What we refuse to take slowly. Writing in the hayloft, disappointing Socrates, oh well. I am trying to say something but why. Childhood as a site of learning both self-defense and the value of a good offense, and also how to take it because of who gives it. A nexus between memory and language, memory and being. Pausing in the parking lot to look at stars, remind myself they're in motion too. A sound the grass makes beneath my feet when the frost has thickened. Roosters. The revolution is ongoing, is what nobody tells you. Remember the radio? I lost a lot of me on the shores of Lake Champlain - mostly playing music, talking around fires, making love away from the fire, coming back hand-in-hand, drunk and high, all of that. You want Jesus but Jesus wants you to want something that is lovelier and more basic. Windy nights, early snow. In Her arms, ascending.

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