Monday, November 8, 2021

A Lot of What was Lost

I remember low tide and a lot of what was lost. Dogs gaze at me from a cluster of warm shadows, waiting. Things we can do now include replace old mattresses and put lights in the back stairwell. "You have to understand negotiation as a shared quest for the divine center." Puzzled as always by the existence of eastern Massachusetts. As Christians we are bound to a kind of service unto our brothers and sisters, a love so radical that formal ritual and devoted community are necessary to attain it. Stacking wood in a way that buttresses wind-blown fences. Shall we make it another winter? Distance was always the fertile home of imagination, those pastures and hills meant I was bound to become a dreamer. Masturbation is a form of colonization or am I overthinking it again? The Connecticut River is haunted, everyone who's ever canoed on it at night knows this. What I am asking is, what do you want to create together? 

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