Saturday, October 9, 2021

Beyond Measure or Redemption

Remember getting up to change the channel. Narragansett, Budweiser and briefly for laughs Billy Beer. What's your mood ring say? Sunlight passes through blue glass bottles on the hay loft window sill, and a violet blur on the far wall travels slowly through what remains of my life. Mist floats above the river, a pale torus, as I float high above you - a thousand galaxies away - still knowing perfectly the one at whom I gaze. It's like mind is a recently-harvested corn field, or a dog that doesn't understand why it's being chased, or those trout I didn't release who now swim unimpeded through thousand-year-old starlight. Led Zeppelin's "All of my Love," a perfume she wore that I believe was named "Blue Jeans," and a joy so pure and true it was like what I pretend prayer is like today. I have no excuse for my body, its various hungers, including the hunger to be done with all hunger, and the hunger to be done with that hunger. Order up! While somewhere in the distance a bell rings - not Christmas exactly but something lovely that signifies a new, an unfamiliar, beginning - and all of a sudden my heart is Bethlehem, a star in the East, a birth in a stable, a joy beyond measure or redemption.

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