Friday, August 27, 2021

Spanning Salt Water

Do you have secrets from me because I have secrets from you. Trying to think more clearly about the hills on which I am willing to die. How we don't always pay attention backing out. 

For once I didn't have to do the heavy lifting spiritually speaking and it lasted almost a week and wow. Animals I remain frightened of. I remember bridges spanning salt water rivers that rose and fell in ways I was cautioned against taking lightly.

Dogs were basically thrown away but not as bad as pigs. A green light in early August, full of the sea, as if finally I have reached the bottom of something. Rain on me, Jesus, I'm begging.

Just beginning. Shall we. Lemon cake with strawberries and fresh cream.

It's summer, it's the moon lower than usual, it's the better look all around. What is not as interesting as you think, what is your idea of what you deserve. Her scaling the river bank, me watching her from behind, full of love.

Rejoice, rejoice. The writing prompt asked everyone to write a ghost story about their favorite library. Why focus on providence?

Explicit instructions I am doomed to ignore. Rabbits in the clover, if only I could remember to look.

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