Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Nonresistance to Alterity

Fathering fallen apples? Jogging in circles, arguing in my mind with men I haven't seen or spoken to in years. Sage, lavender, ambergris. When all along nonresistance to alterity was the answer. You can't just add another sentence! Late moon sinking in swaddles of mist. Cardinals by the ceramic Buddha tucked beneath the dying apple tree, baby swallows everywhere. When I saw the sun this morning I thought of Kenya, the savanna, and how happy we were once. Who doesn't like to smoke elk as snow falls? Fiddle tunes, fireworks, fortune tellers. One turns off the news, goes outside to listen to crickets and something quietens and something else clears its throat. Court jesters in Heaven can never be fired. Unlike certain pasta dishes, you only need to taste love once! Let us not descend into smile emojis, let us not cheapen the discourse with terms chosen by men we don't respect. I mean this puzzle of identity we are all on the verge of remembering is solved, and you too.

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