Sunday, August 22, 2021

Into the Actual River

We are chrysanthemums, we are lovers observing chrysanthemums, we are lonely passersby observing lovers observing chrysanthemums. Women guiding me from horrifying cross to confusing grave to a religious expression of joy and inner peace. Many lives in the one life! Everything that is possible extending itself through the universe. Could you hold on one minute while I collect my thoughts? Diamond rains on Uranus. We sat quietly on the bank of a river, and the river allowed itself to be rendered in metaphor, which somehow removed us from the bank of the river into the actual river. Well, yeah, some people do talk too much. A knock on the front door which - when we walk over, pull aside the curtain - reveals nobody. Or am I still mistaken, this step just one more on the unnecessary but not forbidden journey from nowhere to nowhere. 

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