Tuesday, June 8, 2021

What Color is the Rain

Nothing is actually new. Eggplant, rice and onions. The old argument since I was a kid, what color is the rain. There is never another place you could be, there is always the sense there is another place you could be, and why exactly? On Saturday it rains and on Sunday we write poems about the day before's rain. Beyond the domain of bodies means still thinking in terms of bodies. Rivers do not "find" the sea, any more than a garden "needs" rain, i.e., be careful with your verbs or just anthropomorphize less. Places in the world named after mountains. A way of lying that amounts to pleading "please don't hurt me." When I die, bury with me with the dog tags of all my dogs (which you will find in the wicker basket on the highest shelf of the far left bookcase in the hay loft). Biography is rarely helpful, yet seeing it that way is helpful. That door in your heart you forgot how to open, I know who has the key.

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