Friday, October 2, 2020

Together as Night Deepens

Turning away. And will you, in the end, perform as I have long desired?

A gulping sound in the sky that is geese passing a little west. Swift walkers, head down, studying the ministrations of grief.

Venus. Jesus. Countless losses.

Many cars fill the driveway the day after a funeral. Oklahoma, Virginia, Vermont.

You can drive a thousand miles east and fuck me in the hay loft then hold me while I sleep then eat with me quietly when I awaken near dusk then together as night deepens help me figure out "how."

Pissing on the jewelweed, listening to crows. Dad's plans to live into his eighties thwarted. How surprised we are to discover that we are human after all.

How does it feel?

The blind horse standing just outside the barn, still as if made of marble. Of sadness, of emptiness, of loss.

Russian poetry recalled in a dream.

Defenestration used in a sentence. At a distance, a gallows.

What do we forget and how is it holy if we can't remember holiness? 

I rise from depths and bring with me new light.

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