Thursday, September 24, 2020

Confused but Ambulatory

Light rain leaving the chickens confused but ambulatory. In the distance are blue jays, spelling errors and even more students. Why do I call the ocean a sorrow? 

What are my shoulders breathing for?

Morning hastens us along into the day. Men who refuse umbrellas. You took pictures of me long ago, and long ago you hung them on walls, and together we worshiped cameras.

Remembering a difficult conversation crossing the high bridge on French Kings Highway. Judy became Christian, it's not so surprising when you think about it.

Drawing in sand.


What a difference a difference makes! I wanted both a mother and a father, and ended up with an ability to read texts in deeply nuanced ways. Peace and the absence thereof.

Merciful Lord, forgive me. Imitations. Ancillary healing principles. And money - always money.

The river sinks below the level of its stones. In Buckland, a bald eagle circles the cornfields, and I pull over to see better: always I pull over to see better.

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