Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Undefined Nexts

True or false and more so. If you've never been enlightened, how do you know you've never been enlightened? Arrivals.

Crumbled feta on salads. After dark, sweating in bed, kissing naked, in no rush for either defined or undefined "nexts." This writing replaces that writing, and becomes other writing

Don't be afraid to investigate context. Clouds float through lavender skies, sheep burrowing into amethyst folds. You develop a whole ontology around misspelled words, stomach pains and Elmore Leonard novels. 


Intentions to recover something lost or confused, missing.


The very place of being, defined in part by an absence of either text or image. 

Easing into something forbidden, foreclosed, and going with full knowledge one is going. The night the warehouse burned, the morning after the warehouse burned, and the memory, clear and stable. Blues.


We sing together, moan together, we come together in mid-summer, sunlight cutting the mountains into manageable chunks. Some boundaries you cross. Representation doesn't work, we'll need something new.

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