Saturday, July 11, 2020

Impossible Brightnesses

Jonathan Edwards' insight that "the image that exists this moment, is not at all derived from the image which existed the last preceding moment." Something about a prayer, something about a promise. How fleet red is, how evanescent and involved! You mentioned crows? Going to bed I muse yet again on the apparent need for a new language. Our shared nude anguish? Jasper texts late to say he's sorry for recent silences, what about Tuesday next week. What about the monstrosities in Kenya and Northern Ireland and Iraq? You meet Jesus and he's happy but he doesn't need you the way you wanted him to need you. Beware your conviction, beware your bias. Married in the Greek church twenty-five years ago today, the mark the crowns made still visible on our foreheads. My drunk grandmother singing Johnny Cash songs while crying and how things are explained later to children. Impossible brightnesses. We walk to the river, and the river is full of trash and dead fish litter its banks. Work remains. And love - as we presently understand love - is not the answer, which is to say that our present understanding of love is not itself love. What else is okay?

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