Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Forbidden, Almost Alien

It takes time to say goodbye.


Contextualizing our human experience as one of meaning-making getting harder as time passes because we make too many options.

The Lord speaks in ways that are hard to hear because they are self-constructed.

Make it ordinary, more so.

The pressure of partners who are forbidden, almost alien.

On the bridge she speaks to me of selves I cannot easily face, makes clear she is working on healing.

Fully Magdalene, fully beyond crosses.

Beginnings are not openings but sometimes they coincide so. 

Parks in Vermont where we camp, hike, swim and talk about what our lives resemble and what they are in fact.

Multiple drafts of break-up letters.

In a dream I did not dream.

What elides.

Mornings the writing is so clear and strong you forget coffee, forget you are in love, forget the animals are waiting on you.

Chattering crows, raucous jays. Delightful chickadees.

Straddling me, putting both my hands under your t-shirt (No GMOs), moaning "yeah" when my thumbs press lightly against your nipples.

Slipping, settling.

Ending, this.

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