Sunday, May 17, 2020

Other Collectives, Other Worlds

Light snow falls, melting on the Main Street hardtop but layering the back yard and pasture in a crystalline veil, a surprise and joy and not at all a worry. It is as if I am searching for something yet only ever find the one who searches for something and only recently understand that even this as such does not constitute a problem. Is it a word game then? Are the sentences construals of application and consent? Barthes was an early model of what can happen when you read in a close and critical way. My insistence on you in various positions - which is merely desire not denying itself - is not a transgression in the divine sense but there are boundaries one has to cross and consequences one has to accept and the Lord is mostly quiet with respect to the precise mechanics thereof. In the morning before the others are awake I take my coffee to the front porch and shiver listening to birds singing - chickadees, juncos, cardinals, crows, robins and grackles and blue jays - who collectively are evidence of other neighborhoods, other collectives, other worlds, and other ways of organizing living. In your permissiveness I slip away. Witches stay put, spiders stay put but boys with big ideas were made to travel? On that note - briefly of a westward mind - I briefly slip into light.

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