Thursday, May 21, 2020

Blessed by Other Witches

Question your assumptions, especially when they press you into quick action. Sunlight streams after three days rain and snow and I go outside with coffee to listen to birds and ask if their song is changed. A lifetime reading is a life well-spent, whatever else one says. Perhaps a way out of the patriarchy - its rigid emphasis on zero-sum gamesmanship as a means of enforcing orders not implied by nature - is through listening and making amends. Chickadees rest on the rickety fence between our yard and the neighbor's. Do you trust me not to lie? When she described what she wanted from me, I realized how frightened of the world I am, and went off in a new direction blessed by other witches. The ideal of love is not a mystery - it is in fact continually given - but we do misplace it. Bits of hay and gravel near the barn door picked through by wrens who intuitively grasp that I'm not a threat. How radiance extends effortlessly, and how observers are only sometimes necessary. Thank you Lord! This balance is not the point, this dance is not the end. The surface of the lake is death to trout. Near the swale's reedy bottom, we are born yet again.

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