Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What Works

I am rarely lost.

Write it ("I am lost") and then see if it resonates, see if it is true.

[Who says what truth is]

Gretel and Hansel were lost in different ways, but only Gretel was allowed to change, to be transformed from one kind of living to another.

How have you changed. What have you learned.

Say: truth is what works. Real is what works.

What works.

Times I have actually been lost are vivid and clear. Not images but movies.

Times I have actually been lost are narratives which are scary but which end happily.

Do they end.

Sometimes I have been what others would call lost but which I do not. Because why.

Because the Lord goes with me everywhere.

Because I am never not here.

Yet ask: what puzzle am I trying to solve now, in this writing, this way.

Am I lost. Am I only just now realizing I am lost.

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