Saturday, December 8, 2018

Working at Falling in Love

A space in which you understand why they outlawed magic yet would decline to go so far yourself, if only to avoid pronouncing sentence. Our mothers are always watching, even when they are not watching. In winter the chickadees come in from the forest and I pretend it is because they miss me rather than to do with any base hunger. One indicates not this dim interior but another, one in which the criminals are quicker to repent and the judges less secretive about their longing to be priests. The snow is crusty, caked on the dead grass, sustaining the last of the fallen maple leaves and not much else. Avoid repetition or know why repetition matters, was one of his more frequent lessons. How far one drifts from the shore when one is working at falling in love and ignoring the various cries about steering, taking on water, do you know how to swim, et cetera. Her voice is the part I am least willing to recall, as it is the one part with which I am familiar that cannot be restrained by an image. Yet what if he was wrong all along, seems to have been a question certain of his biographers were willing to entertain. We look up to see stars and instead see the apparent enormity of space between them, as if all along it was darkness to which the light was pointing.

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