Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rows of Pumpkins

At 4 a.m. the clouds open and a mild deluge pours out, briefly a sufficient reason to stay in bed. Vivid dreams are a feature here, yet one declines related semiotic adventuring. Actually, the tarot cards do read themselves, why do you ask? Your back is solid like a barn and warm like a cat yet when I turn to it in darkness you turn to me and open and it is like suddenly a new country, one where the metaphors fail me. Let us become cartographers, let us blaze a scenic trail into the sun! There is the fundamental insight into the nature of reality which subsequently deepens, becomes more broadly applicable, allowing one to see the way they are always excluding something under the pretense of love. Feigned accents, falling to my knees with arms outstretched, reheated coffee in chipped mugs, imitating mimes, lying about tap dancing lessons and other tricks. Antique lamps piled on the back porch, the meadow falling over in rain, kale and lettuce breaking soil - in other words, what works, what doesn't work and what is there to teach us how to embrace the world (though not in that order). In this new valley abutting the river one finally hears an owl call from several places at once, as if to put the lie to the supposed constraints of space and time. Upon waking there is still no word from her hence it must all have been imagined, kind of like my childhood on the  farm. I dream of rows of pumpkins and one with whom to share them but also the dream is sufficient unto itself and is only possible because of the presently forming perfection. This presently forming perfection, where "perfection" simply means "this this and not any other this." See? To overlook anything is to look at something else which hardly matters to looking. Yet another way to get there is to ask what purpose the subject/object division serves and then carefully write out the answer as if leaving instructions for future generations. Recipe as suggestion not mandate is one of the hinges upon which love turns. Be devoted to that which asks for your devotion and let the semantic constructions do what they will, which they always will do anyway, and your home will be warm and full of soup, and all your visitors grateful.

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