Sunday, June 19, 2016

More Prisms

Let's say there is a relationship between perception and truth, and that attention given to that relationship may be helpful or unhelpful, according to one's willingness to be permanently lost. The map is not the territory, but that doesn't mean we should discard it which - bear with me - doesn't mean we need to spend a couple lifetimes studying it either. When you kiss me just so in the dark.

On the other hand, accurate estimations of the Lord's capacity for intervention are not beyond the pale. We are carrying all these books, we are sharing all these ideas. The gate swings a little, creaking in sunlight, and the only daisy it reaches accommodates its coming-and-going without losing its essence.

One reaches a certain juncture and the words are no longer workable which means no longer desirable and so you heft a spade and keep notes on what grows and what doesn't and that will have to do and so it does, perfectly. The weather, the moon that in general we share a habit of describing, and the way you kiss me just so when the kids are asleep in darkness. Dust settles now in the upper room.

It must be time to hang some more prisms, no? It takes about four hours to drive to the Cape so you can get a lot of work done, but if you're not ready to work then it's just many miles and the rank smell of petroleum. The river up to my ankles, my knees and when I kneel, my chest and later yet - in darkness, in you - my shoulders.

We celebrate our anniversary unexpectedly, which is the new thoughtfulness. There is no yesterday for which I am more grateful. Ascutney is a pile of holy ashes and ascending it is a continual, a godless, genuflection.

Scientists can be such dicks but then so can poets, especially poets with a taste for theology, to wit, this. Nobody fares better than anybody else but that doesn't stop us from trying, does it? When you come with me, you'll see, and we'll buy something sweet and magnificent, an ice cream sundae to remember.

A sudden recollection in darkness prompted by her kiss. I said "those beans aren't growing for just anyone you know" and she said "I know" and we were quiet then, by the garden at dusk.

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