Saturday, October 11, 2014


Want does not enter into it.

The level of opinion - which can be either right or wrong, or anywhere in between - does not enter into it.

You must make Eternity and Infinitude your companions always, without regard for your pleasure or convenience.

It is in the nature of rain for flowers or grain for the chickens.

Without attention given always to a loving God you will proceed only in circles on trails that do not lead anywhere.

If you remember anything, remember this.

So I go out walking before the sun rises.

So I stand near the maples and listen to the soft pop of night crawlers coming and going in the dew.

There is no silence like the one to which I attend in her presence.

The brook can be heard a mile or more away.

What is familiar is new in the light of her teaching.

I walk slowly east - into the field, down the hill - to the old fire pond in which beavers now swim.

Silver trails stream behind them, rippling faintly in the almost-light.

We contain the teacher but disown Her through projection.

She comes back gently - insistently - in the form we can manage.

This is a form of want, which is a form of resistance, one that I am reluctant to surrender.

Last year I gave her only leaves from the backyard rose bush but she is early enough this year that I may give her the pink flowers themselves.

I walk back slowly, sad that she will depart soon, and sad that I am sad.

She is waiting for me near the stairs and makes a space to sit beside her.

She says, child of God, if you are able to love God with your whole heart then it is the consummation of all Love, and you need not worry again.