Friday, April 4, 2014

Precisely the Emphasis One Wants

Can I say enough about the chickadees? The trail giving way underfoot with a satisfying crack? One laughs alone in the forest and it is exactly as if one were laughing alone in the forest.

It is in the nature of a correction - very gentle - and also an ascent to which one is naturally inclined. A gift for poetry helps, so long as you offer it up on behalf of making others happy. Please remember that a strong proud woman can also be a kind woman.

When I perceive the inclination now I gently shift and what is eternal is there waiting. Passing the tangled hose out back I think - surely not for the last time - about what a bad rap Lucifer got. And later out front - old guitar warm in sunlight - go deeper into d minor than ever before, than I even thought possible.

My heart broke a thousand times a thousand times and then one day it didn't because it was whole and always had been! Strictly speaking we are moving beyond the duality of even saying "one." In certain arrangements, faint bells lend precisely the emphasis one wants.

That we are held - perfectly - is all one really needs to know. Perhaps collecting stones all those years was in the nature of a reminder? Well, at 2 a.m. when I wake and pray you are there, and lots of others yous as well, and it's nice, it's more than nice, it's fucking amazing.

Taking Fionnghuala for a walk so she can take pictures, mostly of flowers, or brown patches where she wishes flowers were. (I must still need to learn) it's not a question of choice but acceptance! Following the brook south and a little east, wondering will I spook a bear, and now and then sobbing snotty tears at how happy I am, against what once seemed like such long goddamn odds.

Okay? My wings, my band of faint violent, my song coming from across the universe home?

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