Thursday, August 1, 2013


Through attention we learn that we are not the five senses of the body.

Through attention we learn that even thought is external.

The sun rises slower and slower.

Can you hear it?

When we grasp at anything we lose it.

What we call "going deeper" is simply the continued application of the fundamental question: what am I?

Slowly we become aware of the space that precedes objects.

Slowly we become aware of the field of energy in which all perception happens.

What is hidden, longs to be found.

Yet we fear it.

The grackles begin to assemble in flocks, wheeling through the deep sky.

Hunger drives them, and winter.

The bears become reckless, scaling fences and barreling through gardens.

After so much negation - I am not this, I am not that - possibility emerges.

What is natural is always there, unhindered by analysis or perception.

It is only that with which we are called to make contact.

If we call it awareness then we have cast a veil across its luminosity, for to name anything is to imply an opposite.

And yet.

Dedicate yourself utterly and without equivocation to realization.

For it is already what is, and there is nothing else but it, and even words (she writes) cannot contain or sufficiently express it.

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