Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Something Beautiful a Long Time Ago

You ask to me to write for you. This space belongs to you and you ask me to send you words to fill it with. In all the ways we are joined, you add this new way.

I say "yes" - Да.

I remember the first time I saw your daughter, how serious and quiet she was. She studied the lake as if studying God. That is how you look too. When you are inside me, that is how your eyes are. As if you are looking for God. You are always looking for God.

That is why it is easy to say yes to you.

When you said stop and pointed at a clearing I was surprised. Что делает этот человек? But you walked me to a river and told me a story that made me cry. How important dogs have been to you . . .

In Vermont, we ate bread and cheese. The Connecticut River was blue and slow. There have been too many women, you said. How sad you are at times! You are like a man who lost something beautiful a long time ago and fears he will not find it again.

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