Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Walks Towards Heaven (Never Walks Alone)

What we do when pushed matters. How grateful I am to those who helped me here. You have to walk certain valleys by yourself. I fear no evil and heft the overflowing cup for all to see. Who honors, accepts, and who accepts, blesses, and who blesses, loves. Tea instead of coffee, a short walk instead of hour after hour in the forest. How long one can stand beneath lilac as the sun rises! We discover we are worthy of peace and a thousand years of journeying ends in a moment. The man without shoes bows to nobody in particular, happy at last to be truly alone. All one? All in for Jesus! One studies slugs beneath fallen trees, one pauses by the old fire pond to look for moose. There is no trail and only you can find it. Prose beckons as always. Unfailing love does indeed pursue us all the days of our lives and we do dwell in the house of Love (though we sleep and dream of exile). Of course I fall and of course I stumble back to my feet and of course my brothers and sisters are there waiting as in time I do - and have done - for them. Who walks towards Heaven never walks alone. We are lightened by forgiveness always. And push on. Before the quiet waters - the greening fields - one learns again they lack nothing.

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