Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Necessary Ascent

With you, even biology is just a thin shade behind which the soul rests delightedly. Would you like another apple? At last, one wakes up and a fundamental declaration begins.

You cannot plagiarize the necessary ascent. Who says reality is independent of the existence of God? In the clouds, a voice, and in the voice, a thread of familiar song.

Freud and Shackleton share a room in Heaven! At long last one gives up on lists. Here, where time exists for no other purpose than to learn that it does not exist.

Would you lie for me? All morning drinking tea from a dented thermos, remembering the Buddha's admonition to return love for anger, and wondering how Dan is over there in Paris or maybe Tehran. Joe is leaving soon so be sure to say goodbye.

My dogs would follow me into hell if such a trip were possible. A life framed by Dickinson's lines briefly reaches a perilous height. Melodrama was made to inspire an exaggerated focus - so a useless focus - on its maker's motives.

I keep going back to that third sentence and wondering what it means. The bravery of Socrates was meant to be witnessed, hence this piece of writing. What does will do until it won't.

Now what? Now you measure yourself by what you surrender and see what remains amid scabby shadows rimmed with gold.

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