Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Never Not Welcome

This (by which I mean that) again. The tree is always reminiscent of hunger, as you pointed out decades ago in Vermont. Does it all come down to follower energy then? Be not ashamed.

One is critical of certain professions but refuses to question the bias. When we are asked to let go, we run for our lives. It has to do with bread, and possibly with what is owed to Caesar, as does everything. Darwin is not the boss of you.

Coherence matters. The dog stopped halfway down the hill and growled at something just off the road. Light - a veritable rainbow - is now just visible from the corners of my eye. All day with a daughter means you learn and so you do.

"I am a Buddhist," he said happily after I bowed in the meat aisle, grateful for his assistance. You are never not welcome and yet never not lonely. When the time comes to let go we run for our lives, do we not? I insist now on clarity, in the interest of coherence, for all of us.

As you can see, one sentence follows another. What is the self but a series of assumptions, each built on the last? Avoid conclusions. And may the road that you think is rising to meet you be revealed for the illusion that it is.

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