Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moved By Something Else

Insight is the preferable mode. What is familiar inquires. What is familiar petrifies? My teeth ache but I'm still grateful for your white chocolate coconut caramels.

Indeed, brotherly and peaceful words were meant to be returned. We kissed and kissed which intensified the cat's inclination to attack our feet through blankets. Time passes or it seems to. I'm glad I dreamed Aristotle and chicken parmigiana.

Be my bride in North Carolina! While elsewhere one submits to the necessary theological argument. Is it okay to believe something else? The tickle, the fondle and the love they represent.

I meant only that one is not always responsible for the mail but somehow ended up in a debate about resurrection. Eschew the middle ground and stay focused! Scattered guitar picks, half-remembered melodies. For example, everything that is in motion must be moved by something else.

Well, hardens anyway. And happy birthday! The horse waits patiently for the rain to stop while we only pretend not to fret. If you like it, then it's for you, okay?

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