Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Listening Problem

When you are near, I cannot help but wish you would come nearer, even though the distance at this point is largely of my own making. She said - more in humor than anything else - you don't have a hearing problem, you have a listening problem. Sunlight rises slowly up the side of the barn, into the trees and then disappears into a memorably blue sky. Squirrels frolic is another way of saying they are frantically fending off starvation. Also, your winter is my formal poem.

And later he slunk off down a dark alley, or what seemed to be an alley, and was filled with shadows. I'm a little tea cup left in the dumpster, what are you? The cat curled up near the pillow, tucking her long tail over her nose. While walking earlier I was breathless and cold and the combination literally hurt. More l sounds, pretty please with cheddar cheese.

We argued a while over the best position and then, rhetoric exhausted, just got on with it. You can't be out there if you aren't in here first. Butternut squash fried with raisins and onions, then dumped on brown rice mashed with warm coconut milk. The starlings in particular seem panicked when we approach. Coffee before the run rises, in the same room in which you sleep, quietly breathing in a way that makes me grateful, that makes me believe death may truly be just another idea.

At last the dreamer can select her own dream! I broke a wine glass trying to stop the cats who had a mouse whose blood was being smeared up and down the hall. Someday we'll have that mud room we always dreamed of! Hold me baby and say it's all okay or will be. I'd rather be a hero in my mind than a victim in the world.

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