Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Invisible Middle

Writing at the end of the day - as opposed to the beginning - produces lists as opposed to what?

Can I say truthfully that I have never not had time to write?

What is writing anyway?

Where is silence?

Are chickadees birds or is that just our agreement?

Who wrote "The dog is curled on the bed 'in the shape of a button'"?

Narrative effect or narrative collusion?

Why doesn't you ever write to me?

Why don't you?

A private agreement that over time becomes public and even acceptable.

As opposed to the vital - the very much living - welter perhaps?

She does write, sometimes more than is helpful, but who cares?

What do we want from writing?

I have no desire to write.

What do you mean when you write interior?

Do you say that writing is a job or writing is a sacrament or that writing is the invisible middle?

What are crows?

How come you never do what I expect?

Who stays when the writing is over?

That's what I want to know.

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