Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Allowed Alone

I was speaking happy and fulfilled. Of all the grace is surrounding us? A solitary activity given insufficient thrift does indicate so.

We are always alone when we turn to our mind and our voice. The relevant emphasis not really our own. Composites of all those who came before stream through our own.

It is a sort of true example of sort of. My father's elocution filter is not my own. The one who decides when and how is not the one who says this works later.

I am not disparaging yet not blessing either. Car mechanics check in with each other. Allies is a far cry from those assorted problematic needs.

Time indeed is precious but to whom? Family to to wade through before I die. I cultivate people who will respond instantly.

A cup of tea and a pep talk to censor his beautiful provocations. Reciprocate without question are very much at the heart of what this is saying. I am saying that what will offend people undertaken on behalf of some truth will have its own mode and necessarily.

We must be faithful for art demands it. If you need quiet, then cultivate the allowed alone.

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