Thursday, September 20, 2012

As If Lonely

We observed that rain had pushed the leafy humus southward and a bit up. Trails are not made so much as revealed. One can learn from a dog how to move. The mown hayfield enlarges the world.

We are empty, without boundaries. Learning has a place? She said goodbye with both hands near her chin. That particular road remains unplowed.

Bloody but unbowed? The past does appear to follow us. In another way, I spent hours watching sunlight shift across the (less shifty) face of the mountain. In which a dream of molecular beneficence appears.

Also maple syrup albeit in winter. "You" cannot steal "my" lines. Sentences? When form urges you in the direction of definitions find another way.

One says trail, another infers path. The crow looked left and right without knowing that I would later write the crow looked left and right as if lonely for some other who had yet to reveal themselves. Like that? Like this then.

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