Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In Terms Of Guidance

Epistemology vs. history in terms of guidance. This vs. that, again. The hawk flies overhead, studying the farm, moving on when I wave the shovel. Malice is not present, which is good. You see what I am getting at?

When I say problem I should perhaps say paradox. Just how are we to discern the measureless whole? One grows tired of God, the way "tree" is a poor substitute for "maple," "birch," etc. She read the instructions very carefully and followed them precisely. Miles can seem to grow, depending on how one feels about the journey.

A mechanical substitute for travel. The imposition of that one syllable on literally everything has caused a lot of conflict over time. One teaches, one does. The mountain is there and when we hike it it is here. Remembered poems validate one aspect of the self, a treasured one.

Thus, welcome to my winter! He played backgammon alone for hours on end, his lips working as he studied the math, concluding at the end - later as I put him to bed - that it is "too random to be really interesting." Self-imposed ends are a way of ensuring order is what I cannot quite say. This sentence is not the last but the next one will be. Maybe.

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