Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Support For What We Are

A gray morning before the lilac blooms contemplating fog. You turn inward and discover waterfalls. A pair of mallards swoop low over the far pasture, then rise up and point towards the fire pond.

There are problems in the world but correction is possible. Tell yourself that. I don't feel like crying right now.

In other words, another way of writing. It's worth asking - it is always worth asking - what is our responsibility to the twenty sentences? One longs for reciprocity.

One repeats the other far too often. Remember that motel in Vermont, the sandwiches we ate while the sun set behind us? Familiar faces come out of the rain.

We are supported in what we do as an extension of the support for what we are. Which is mirror balls, yes? We ascended the stairs and discovered ourselves not in a library but a dream.

Drinking tea, studying the firewood, the tracks of chipmunks in last night's trace of snow. The three witches appeared in my dream, making testimony on behalf of Jesus difficult. Thus we wake, thus we go about our business.

Time passes which is all one can ever really say about it. Learn what the authentic expression is and then allow it out.

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