Monday, April 23, 2012

The Limits of Politeness

And with that. She wrote about how offended she was, and how being offended made the writing itself difficult. Somehow the conversation turned to animal sacrifice as a rationale for vegetarianism. In the forest, one has funny ideas.

May we now reduce the twenty sentences? Are you out there/can you hear this? Some people prefer to hold their peace as if its expression were to somehow place it in jeopardy. It's not Christmas exactly but almost.

In a biblical, not an ecumenical, way. Service is intrinsic but do check your motives. One finds the blood root everywhere, doesn't one? Where the fawn was yesterday, today an indentation.

All your suggestions are belong to us! The stage flooded with bad actors and the audience was moved to the limits of politeness. Greens, avocado, frozen blueberry and voila! Nerves attend any change.

Truth is mightier than all your lies. A funny phrase - leap like a lizard - given the stodginess of most reptiles. Hunger will do you in. Sharing the metaphor.

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