Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Inclination to Order

Defenselessness must have a home, which is to say it must be welcomed. Bob Dylan records, cheap red wine, my poetry books stacked in the corner, falling over on one another like Corinthian columns after a sand storm. What is the match, what is the candle. And: You are always on my mind.

Exploitation is inherent in all systems, because they are all of the brain. Doctors consistently own a natural curiosity which they are - somewhat less consistently - unable to attend. It has to do with order or the inclination to order. Also with how Jesus approached meals, perhaps the most revolutionary of his many revolutionary stances.

Hush. The cardinal hesitates on the lilac, his black eye just visible through the tangled new blooms. We welcome the rain as we welcome sadness. Bodies break, there is no other way to say it.

Oh but you are forever in my thoughts, somewhat like food. The neighbors go on behind untouchable veils and we watch them sadly, unable to help. "Intent and intense," the very words. This is the real writing.

But then one hesitates. One sees that passivity is not natural but habitual and so a question at last emerges. Metaphors are helpful and it's no good forgetting that. Be the four walls!

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