Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Perfect Witnesses

What is a corpse but an echo?

Mist rising off the fire pond, the heron extending its wings.

It's a long drive home but what choice do we have.

It's not the town but the house or is not the house but the family?

You called and accordingly I was lifted so thanks.

Graceful half tones forever define the amends.

Now I forget.



Oh, you again.

Don't ignore Macbeth's final decision, the one to die on his shield.

Walking in darkness earlier a branch snapped off to my left and I started.


What I wouldn't give to not read old poems all night.

Sitting in that old bar - what was it called - the other place - and drinking gin and tonics with no lines to show for it.

Bad dreams make for good morning walks.

Dogs don't care which is why they are perfect witnesses.

"Time it was and what a time it was."

He said to the tulips grow up, won't you.

We're the best togetherness ever.

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