Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Desire for Solutions

Following a day-long meditation on defenselessness come dreams of violence, portending what? Maple buds the color of blood float along the brook. Time passes, or it seems to, and that is all one needs to know about it. Later still, prayer. The dog pisses where I piss, for reasons I can't explain.

On the trail, one longs to find her teacher. Quartz erupts, sparkling with dew on one side, terra-dark on the other. Stop and ask questions. That is what the wise teach: begin with what you are. Also, avoid the habit of collecting what is attractive.

It works, or it seems to. In my dream, I recognized my attacks on the blind man as having a dual nature, that is, as symbolic. Leaving the trail is a different kind of learning. Sunlight through the remainder of last night's rain offers light, the same prismatic effect as looking at the sun through clear quartz. The student comes to understand fragmentation in that way and then what?

I am waiting for you, as you surely know. The woman at the well essentially said "so what?" You move in the direction of peace and thus render peace impossible. This writing is the only writing I will do today. It is hard to remember that the only real problem we have is our desire for solutions.

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