Thursday, April 12, 2012

Closer This Time

We are all animators. Thus wild clouds move through the sky, thus the wake of a drenching rain. Half moon visible through sapling maples, as if raked by darkened claws. One senses the fox has passed, only closer this time, and oddly it yields a sense of safety. It is madness to assume when there is only that which can be known.

Is it possible there are no consequences? One rereads Romeo and Juliet, one wonders. As the sunlight acquires that particular slant, the mind turns to bluets. Pilgrim sensitivity is not contraindicated. I am not my password.

And yet. "I won't tell a soul" is hardly convincing but we have to accept it, don't we? That house in the dingle did not appear in my dreams which were otherwise complicated and fueled by my love of games. She was willing and it was enough. Thus the past tense, thus the need for healing.

Dual-wielding? One senses in crossword puzzles the secrets of the universe, much more so than in geometry. Please understand that whatever meaning or value you perceive "out there" you put there. We want to be subject to source - that is, cause - and not effect. Of course it is all a form of entertainment - how else would a kind God play it?

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