Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Rarity This Far North

Seven finches, apparently unalarmed. Fifty years ago cardinals were a rarity this far North. We don't really know how to live and that is the essence of the problem. But again, one's attention must be directed internally. One pities crystals.

I feel sad and listless! In other words, it's not just words but also punctuation. Insist on seeing it. When at night you lay looking out a south-facing window, what do you see? Surprise me.

In the valley, the first dandelions, while in the hills, crows still fly in jagged lines West to East. She refused my invitation to attend the gallery opening and twenty years later it still hurt. Or am I just confused about happiness? A short sentence has no more virtue than a shorter one. We are keeping it simple, you see, and more, liking it.

As in the eradication of a horrible disease? Or an essay perhaps on the virtues of aspirin. She said later who knows where the goldfinch nests. It's true that I can be hard to please. You can't take the child out of the adult.

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