Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Driftwood Thing

What is order if it is not related to discipline? There are certain questions to which one arrives as a pilgrim arrives at a candlelit house, rain on her shoulders, and a different light in her eye. Is it possible there are no consequences? He talked a long time about how evil is only possible when choice enters in. We laughed over coffee and went home together because.

We are going to walk at dusk and allow the twilight to occupy us in what they used to call a holy way. Like nineteenth century cupolas. Someone you have not seen for a long time is sitting on the hill and the breeze moves her hair back and forth. The year's first dandelions. Helpfulness.

It is everywhere. Or this: there's nothing to do and only you can do it. I remember playing guitar in those days and never quite getting enough distance to really hear the notes and so eventually had to stop. Now you walk a long time in the forest and what does that do but beget yet more ideas? The challenge is always managing what appears to be exterior, no?

Ah, but somebody is always going to love you on terms only they set. It's a driftwood thing, right? As earlier I stumbled, caught myself on the bridge and laughed out loud despite the many strangers passing. What does it mean to believe in perfect happiness? The wait for a teacher is long indeed when you won't begin your studies.

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