Monday, January 30, 2012

The Same Habit of Decision

Ah, that morning hour when the pink sky can be seen gleaming on the gray snow-flecked ice and you fall on your ass trying to piss without hitting a chicken.

Sir Oracle where were you when he needed you most?

Those dogs were skulking toward other villages I guess.

Well, burning bridges is a fun metaphor.

Old teachers drop lines.

We are the trout we have been waiting for!

She wrote out of the blue.

Punctuation is dictatorial.

No sentence is not better than any sentence.

This project may end today.

You have six days left to live.

We are all living on death row until we wake up and see that death is optional.

He healed by not seeing sickness.

One longs for right alignment.

Yet last night, walking up the icy road, impressed by the quarter moon's capacity for light, I felt the quiet joy we talked about all those years ago and wondered what about it was so hard then.

Kiss me you crazy bastard!

We're out of cinnamon and raisins.

Solutions and problems are different words for the same habit of decision.

My coffee mug requires better company.

Right-mindedness at last understood as a prerequisite to one-mindedness.

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